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Making Autonomous Vehicles Legal: A 10 Step Guide

By Bradley Tusk  |  October 15, 2015
Anyone paying attention to the news around self-driving cars and trucks knows the technology is advancing rapidly and the future is more or less upon us. Anyone familiar with the challenges of getting legislators to agree on even one complicated issue knows that building a logical regulatory framework around any new innovation is difficult. And...
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Sicarios and Social Progress

By Bradley Tusk  |  September 25, 2015
Sicario means hitman in Spanish. It’s also the title of a (very good) new movie that reaches the same conclusion as movies like Traffic, books like The Power of the Dog and The Cartel, and TV shows like The Bridge and Narcos — namely, the war on drugs has never, and will never, succeed. That presents a...
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Finding Friends Where You Least Expect It

By Bradley Tusk  |  September 16, 2015
I’ve spent more than twenty years working in and around government and politics. And I’ve spent a lot of time now working with startups facing political and regulatory challenges. When people talk about the intersection of the government and technology, it’s usually to complain about how arrogant tech companies are in dealing with regulators or...
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