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Founders: 4 ways to stay ahead of changing regulations

By Bradley Tusk  |  March 20, 2016
“Look, I love technology. Nobody loves it more than me. But the law’s the law and my job is to enforce the law. There’s nothing I can do.” Anyone who runs a startup in a regulated industry has heard some version of this excuse from government officials before. Sometimes it’s true – there really is...
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Grading the Candidates on Tech

By  |  March 15, 2016
Today, Engine and Tusk Ventures released “Grading the Candidates on Tech,” the first report card that grades the 2016 presidential candidates on whether they are passing or failing on a number of issues critical to many startups and technology. The candidates were rated based on their level of support, understanding, and familiarity with technology, startups...
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An Open Letter to Zenefits

By Bradley Tusk  |  March 9, 2016
It’s clear that a culture of ignoring both regulations and regulators existed at Zenefits, but it is to their great credit that they are taking firm steps to solve the problems at hand. With that said, over the long haul, addressing the immediate problems is only the tip of the iceberg. While their main focus...
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