Grading the Candidates on Tech

By  |  March 15, 2016

Today, Engine and Tusk Ventures released “Grading the Candidates on Tech,” the first report card that grades the 2016 presidential candidates on whether they are passing or failing on a number of issues critical to many startups and technology. The candidates were rated based on their level of support, understanding, and familiarity with technology, startups and the priorities of the tech community. Their final grades reflect candidates' positions on major issues including privacy and security, the on-demand economy and intellectual property.

“As technology continues to become a crucial platform for the U.S. economy, I find this report card troubling. It is yet another indication that we are electing 21st century candidates with 20th mindsets. We need candidates to stop treating the technology community as an isolated add-on that they only consider when they are fundraising and instead start seeing the issues of tech and startups as their own.”

– Bradley Tusk, founder and CEO of Tusk Ventures.