Who We Are

Tusk Ventures is the first political strategy firm focused primarily on helping startups navigate the political, regulatory, and media hurdles that come with reshaping entrenched industries. Our investment professionals and in-house team of political and regulatory experts partner directly with high-growth companies entering highly regulated sectors and work with them to accomplish their goals through direct advocacy, campaign management, narrative development and strategic execution.

What We Believe

When it comes to the intersection of technology and public policy, the next few decades are going to look a lot different from the previous ones. We believe that the next generation of great technology companies are far more likely to emerge in industries where governments play an active role — both as regulators and as the largest customers — and they will need to partner in meaningful ways in order to thrive. No matter how good the underlying technology or idea, ultimately, success will be contingent on the ability to satisfy regulatory demands and win political victories.

How We Work

We are disciplined, focused, and effective. We start by putting together an underlying plan to accomplish each of our companies’ goals, and then focus relentlessly on execution, ensuring that every step of the process is handled with precision. We pitch in and contribute in every way we can, and we generate creative ideas while focusing on the granular details.

While the needs of each client differ, we help all of our clients achieve their goals by solving complex problems with the same intensity and sophistication present in a high-level political campaign.

What We Do


Take on entrenched interests


Receive regulatory approvals and fight off unwanted regulatory aggression


Design and oversee campaigns to pass legislation and block passage of harmful legislation


Build coalitions of business groups, political leaders and advocates


Pursue and win RFPs


Craft the message and execute an earned media strategy

What People Say About Us

“Tusk straddles the roles of Olivia Pope, Patton Boggs and Marc Andreessen for tech companies that run into regulatory hurdles, and works with Uber and other major companies.” - Tech Crunch

“Tusk Ventures has developed a brand in Silicon Valley for helping companies navigate hard and uncertain regulatory terrain, which in this case were the #1 risk for the company — having a dedicated team for that makes you a bit more comfortable.” – Steven Bernardi, The 26 Most Innovative Venture Capital Firms



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